Hello learners!

My name is Aakash. I’m a Google Certified Data Engineer, Blogger, and an avid learner.

I started my career as a support executive in one of the biggest IT companies but later I decided to take control of my future, learned few skills, got a job in a startup that works in the field of AI and Big data, and I worked my a** off to become a Lead Data Engineer in just 2 years.

I created this website to share my learnings, tips, and technique, which helped me get a job as a Data Engineer with a decent salary and satisfaction to work in cutting-edge technologies like Big data, AI, Cloud computing, Data Analytics, etc on day to day basis.

I share articles that show real-life problems – “Beyond Hello World” – on Big Data and Cloud Platform. Sign up below if you want to join a growing community of Data Engineers, Cloud Architects, ML Engineers, and Tech Savv-ies